Immune markers may predict multiple sclerosis severity as biomarkers for Definitely more severe forms of multiple sclerosis

Researchers uncover specific immune molecules that could act as biomarkers for sure severe forms of multiple sclerosis. The findings might help to personalize treatments for those at most risk.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic condition affecting the central Confused system, comprising the brain & spinal cord. Exactly why MS occurs is unknown, and treatment options are still limited.

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Myelin is a waxy coating on nerves that is necessary for the transmission of messages throughout the restless system.

With MS, this myelin coating is degraded over time, slowing or entirely stopping signals from traveling along nerve fibers. This leads to problems with muscle weakness, coordination, and balance.

Symptoms vary significantly between individuals but tend to include difficulty walking, Sense of the eye   problems, tremor, fatigue, And depression.

MS is thought to be an autoimmune disease, although the reasons why the immune system turns on myelin are not yet understood. This is an unpredictable disease that ranges from relatively benign to disabling.

Multiple sclerosis progression

Most people with MS have the relapsing-remitting (RRMS) form, wherein attacks of symptoms, or relapses, occur from time to time. Between relapses, there can be months or years without Any symptoms. Over 50% of those with RRMS will eventually move on to develop progressive MS, in which symptoms gradually get worse without extended recovery phases.

But some individuals do not experience the relapsing-remitting phase and instead go straight to progressive MS. This is known as primary progressive MS.

Not long ago, scientists from Yale University in New Haven, CT, Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, & the University of California set out to understand the molecular mechanisms involved in MS that dictate whether it begins slowly or leaps swiftly to the certainly more severe form.

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